“People say it is a field, A lovely field of happiness. With flowers spread, Throughout this field. Skies,

So clear and blue. The sun, Shining ever so brightly.” The Fields of Happiness – © Courtney

kitchen splash back

This kitchen splash back just might be one of our favourite pieces that we have ever created. It’s such a cheerful, uplifting scene which brings an otherwise simple kitchen to life! The beautiful field of flowers stretches out into the distant horizon where it meets the wonderful glow of the horizon. The beautiful blue sky can just be seen emerging from the orange glow of the sun.

This piece is actually the first time we’ve used our fields for a kitchen splash back and we’re thrilled with the result! This kitchen splash back is framed perfectly by the kitchen and guests who enter the house will instantly be drawn to this focal point of the room. The light in the cooker hood really adds some life to the glow of the sun and is a welcome companion to the piece.

The amount of colour in this kitchen splash back is offset by the surrounding bright white kitchen and the two complement each other perfectly. Because of the plain framing of the kitchen splash back you can really pick out the detail and the different colours that make up the flowers. We really do think this kitchen splash back is a true field of happiness!