Newly delivered to a home in Bambury, Oxfordshire, this lovely little number is the latest bespoke glass splashback to roll off our kiln and hit the road. It’s a beautiful piece of glass with a lot to see, so it’s the perfect panel to kick off the week.

You might recognise the kind of tree featured in the glass. It’s a very stylised depiction of a mulberry tree which had a special significance for the customer and tied into the name of the house itself.

The customer had a strong idea of how the tree could look, and actually sent in a sketch for Lisa to work from. She soon set about creating a unique take on the classic Tree of Life design, working with autumnal colours and a warm palette to suit the modern traditional décor of the kitchen.

A white background underscores the design and blends in with the back wall, and we love how it lets the colours of the piece pop out. Each leaf on the tree was cut by hand and carefully placed. You’ll find greens, oranges, a little bit of red and various shades of brown all coming together to make for a lovely sight. It’s a very welcoming piece and we’re sure it’ll be catching all the right kinds of attention once guests come round!

If you love the effect that this glass splashback creates in this kitchen and you’d love to do the very same in your own home, make sure you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, including where to find our Manchester showroom if you’d like to come on down and have a look at the glass in person. Photos never quite do it justice, after all!