This particular panel was created a little while ago for a customer of our in Sandbanks, Poole. We had to look into the vaults a little bit for this one, but we think it’s worth it. After all, there’s so much colour on show here at The House of Ugly Fish that it can sometimes be all too easy to forget just how great our glass can look when you decide to go with something altogether more neutral. If you’re thinking of putting fused glass art in your neutrally coloured kitchen, you’ll definitely want to have a look at this particular piece!

It’s a gorgeous Dalaman design that features multiple grey panels lined around the kitchen. This creates a theme that’s subtle and nuanced, but altogether distinctive and certainly not easily forgettable.

The glass doesn’t make use of many colours at all, but it uses that to its advantage. Multiple shades of neutral colours and monochromatic hues provide the kind of intricacy and detailing that our fused glass art is so well known for. As a result, the design oozes with style and looks right at home in this gorgeously styled modern kitchen. Take a look at the surrounding environment, and we’ll sure you’ll agree that it’s a perfect match!

We love creating fused glass art here at The House of Ugly Fish, but the real satisfaction comes when we get to see the glass completed and properly installed in your home. If you feel as if what we have to offer is the perfect thing for you, then why not give us the chance to come and deliver our glass to your doorstep? Getting in contact really is as easy as picking up the phone or dropping us an email, so make sure you don’t wait to do just that as soon as you can!