It’s Monday, and although it’s raining down here at the House of Ugly Fish, we’re happy to say that we’ve put a smile on another face this weekend! Alison from Harrogate requested a bespoke coloured piece that interpreted the Northern Lights and so Lisa set about creating the glass splashback pictured above. It features colours from the aurora borealis, and most intriguingly, the glass art was ordered to bend around the countertop, creating a panoramic effect that always goes well!

Alison said she was delighted with her glass splashback, commenting that the piece was ‘unique and fabulous’, and also commenting on the timely delivery of the piece! Thank you, Alison! We’re grateful for your kind words. Lisa loved the colours that went into this one and was glad to hear that it lived up to your expectations.

Alison went further to say that she could not ‘recommend or praise the craftsmanship and professionalism of the House of Ugly Fish’ and that we had transformed her kitchen into something ‘truly special’. Now that there is another Villarospo coloured glass splashback out there in the UK the word of the House of Ugly Fish is spreading like wildfire.

Known as market leaders in the industry of glass art, we strive to present an alternative décor option for those who want a unique feel to their home that cannot be found elsewhere. Our bespoke glass art allows the consumer to let their mind decide what they want on their walls, instead of pre-made or pre-designed wall pieces that are in fact not unique at all and tend to be found in many homes. Instead, the class and unique feel that comes with owning a piece of glass art is not something to laugh at!

Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we offer bespoke glass splashbacks and coloured fused glass art that is crafted to a high level of detail. If you wish to own one of these glass pieces then contact us today, and we’ll be happy to talk about your options!