Here’s a piece we’ve recently completed, now located in a very happy customer’s home in Warwickshire. It’s one of our fused glass kitchen splashbacks, of course, and the design is a very exciting and colourful one. As you can see pictured above, this is one glass piece that’s determined to make a bold statement!

A white background forms the basis for the piece, upon which a whole handful of colours create a visually stunning twist on our classic Dalaman design. Follow along the bold wavy streak that runs throughout the splashback, and you’ll find a whole palette of exciting hues being utilised to their full effect. We love the way the end result turned out, not least of all because of the way that the background of the piece matches the very modern and neutral style of the kitchen while the colourful accents really give family, friends and guests something to look at.

If you feel the same as us, why not take a look through the full portfolio of work found right here on our website? It’s sure to inspire you with ideas you might not have initially considered, and you can see exactly what our fused glass art is capable of. You could have a piece that looks just like one you’ve spotted before, one based on a painting, one depicting a particularly special place or memory, or anything really! Like so many of our customers, you could have a completely bespoke design of your own choosing that’s never been done before.

The House of Ugly Fish is the UK’s number one choice for handmade bespoke fused glass art that is guaranteed to impress, no matter if you’re investing in one of our fused glass kitchen splashbacks or one of our many other products. If you’ve been looking for the perfect decoration for your home, but nothing has ever been just right, we may just have the solution for you. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, so make sure you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and let us know what your ideal piece of fused glass art looks like!