Today, we thought we’d feature another kitchen that benefited from the addition of our fused glass art. Take a look at this home in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and see what you think!

These two gorgeous splashbacks do a huge amount to bring personality into this kitchen, ensuring that the décor of the entire room takes on a truly charming appearance. The designs of both pieces make use of deep blue hues and soft gradients to explore a variety of aquatic shades. Adding to that effect, there are fish scattered all across the design, swimming freely around and searching for the light from above. They match one another, of course, which helps to create a strong theme and a coherent style no matter where you look. We’re sure that the splashbacks will impress anyone who enters the room!

That ability to grab attention is exactly what our fused glass art does best, but there are so many reasons to get your hands on your own piece. Whether you’re aiming to get your own kitchen splashback or you’d prefer something different from us, just browse through our vast portfolio of work and you’ll soon see just what our art is capable of. No matter what you take a liking too, the bespoke nature of our fused glass art ensures that you’ll always be able to get something that’s absolutely perfect for you.

So what’s keeping you? We love what we do precisely because there’s nothing on the market today that comes close to mimicking the effect of real fused glass art. If you’ve been looking for that elusive one of a kind decoration, perfect for matching your home to a tee, then we here at The House of Ugly Fish are sure to have what you need.

Our fused glass art finds its way into more and more houses every month, so make sure you get on board with what we have to offer as soon as you can. We have an ever-expanding list of satisfied customers, and we deliver our glass to an equally diverse range of locations nationwide and beyond. We can’t wait to hear from you!