Created for a customer’s beautiful Hampshire home, this incredible piece of glass is a bespoke glass wall art panel which depicts a scene both under and over the water. A mix of sparkling metallic fish all cut and shaped by hand swim together in a spiralling school, whilst mountains rise to their full height in the background in order to display their snowy caps.

Darker gradients work in unison to introduce a huge amount of depth to the piece. We think that you can really get a sense of distance when you look at this piece, and especially in person, as the foreground and background are so clearly defined across the layers of the glass. Lisa called on her background in traditional art to give the design its traditional, painterly look, especially where the mountains meet the sky. You could be forgiven for thinking that the work had been created in paint, rather than in powder.

Now that the panel is proudly displayed on the wall, we’re extremely happy with the end result. It should go without saying that it’ll prove to be a piece which attracts all the right kind of attention. From the moment you walk into the room, it’s clear what you should be looking at first. It almost looks like a window into another place entirely, too!

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