Today’s blog comes to you courtesy of a home in Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, where this stunning set of three fused glass art panels recently found a home. It depicts a certain view with a lot of meaning!

The customer’s family lived on a house on Balnakeil Beach and also worked on the land around it. She had a lot of fond memories of her grandparents associated with the location, but also a huge amount of sentiment for the house itself. The beach is actually one of the most famous in the country, with turquoise waters and clean golden sand. It’s frequently visited by sea life, sitting at the northernmost tip of mainland Scotland, making it a local attraction that everyone knows about.

In the picture, the customer’s parents can be seen walking along the sand, alongside the customer herself, her husband and her dogs. We love the personalisations, and they showcase how our fused glass art can incorporate special details that have a unique meaning to you.

Lisa is actually very familiar with the area and has been to Durness many times, so she had no problem recreating the scene by hand, meticulously sculpting land, sea and sky out of powders, all while adding her own signature artisan flair. When you step back and view the seamless design as one big image, it’s like looking into a window which leads to another world. We hope that it will continue to transport friends, family and guests alike for a long time to come.

If this blog inspires you to do something similar in your own home, or even if it gives you ideas for fused glass art pieces that look totally different, The House of Ugly Fish should always be your first port of call. Our friendly team is always waiting by the phone to answer any questions or queries you might have about our glass and how our bespoke work could find a perfect place in your property today. Give us a call or drop us an email as soon as you can.