This is fused glass art utilised in a way we’ve truly never seen, thanks to an idea from a customer that we were happy to bring to life. It’s a piece that doesn’t so much as sit atop the table as it does hold it together – quite literally! The glass forms the central element between the two pieces of the table, which are each comprised of a beautiful and very naturally carved wooden shape.

The construction is eye-catching enough, but there’s a lot to be said about the glass just on it’s own! With a background of deep red and a bold black line of contrast running throughout, the design is a classic Dalaman style. There are plenty of details to be found everywhere you look, such as the flecks of metallic silver which catch the light, and the bubbles which rise out from the surface to add a one-of-a-kind texture.

Vertical pieces run along the central spine, with each one displaying a different colour and texture. There’s a huge variety of shades and hues on show here, but they all come together to make for a visual feast that truly stands out. We adore the way that the colours in the glass complement the warm wood on show! Lisa worked hard to make sure that there would be plenty to see in the glass while ensuring that all the many elements in the end product came together as one.

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