Now this is what we call an installation! This jaw-dropping sight comes from Kirkcaldy, Fife, where the clients in question were looking to decorate a newly built and very modern extension to a grand old building. The property was complete with stunning high ceilings and intricate mouldings echoing memories of past grandeur. They wanted to adorn their wall with glass wall art and a Tree of Life design, which we could definitely do for them without issue! The wall in question, however, well…

The tree isn’t the only fused glass art of ours to be found in the property. Flower burst panels adorn the ceiling and the doors!

Let’s just say it was a little larger than the average wall we get asked to provide fused glass art for! As you see pictured above, we’d need to work on a much larger scale than usual for this job.

Undertaking the task of creating a gargantuan Tree of Life was a daunting prospect and certainly a tall order, but simple once the plan had been set in place. Lisa had to first work out a way to upscale a 100 x 100 cm design to a size that was a fairly staggering nine times larger. This could not be done with just one single panel, needless to say, and the end result would have to be able to be fitted to the wall without excessive difficulty.

Fused Glass Wall Art Kirkcauldy Fife 2
The view from above is every bit as breathtaking!

Taking all of this into consideration, Lisa took nine 100 x 100 cm panels and had the fantastic idea to join them together seamlessly to form one truly grand design. Each of the nine panels was created individually, of course, so it wasn’t actually until the tree was put in place that we finally saw what the design looked like once assembled.

As you might imagine, the installation process for this particular fused glass wall art installation was intense to say the least, but the end result was tremendously rewarding. We think you’ll agree that the result is simply stunning. And although this piece may be our very largest tree to date, it definitely won’t be the last one we make!

You can see the images in their full glory in our portfolio by clicking here.

If you’re as in love with the way this home looks as much as we are, then why not look into getting your very own fused glass wall art? We’ll be more than happy to create the very same bespoke art no matter what space you have in mind. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, so feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re more than happy to discuss your needs and requirements via email, too, so come and tell us what your ideal piece of glass art looks like!