Did you all enjoy the bank holiday? The weather wasn’t too bad here up North and we even got a bit of sun. Of course, as with any bank holiday it did rain but that’s just a given isn’t it? However, the little spots of sun got us thinking about some of the outdoor glass art that we’ve done and how amazing our fused glass art can look in gardens.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we love creating fused glass art that will be situated in different locations and our work often looks particularly great in an outdoor space – such as a garden. In the past we’ve created plaques, garden wall art and panels of all shapes and sizes. We can even create thicker pieces that make excellent outdoor glass ornaments. The great thing about outdoor glass art is that when the sun shines through the pieces, the effect is just breath-taking.

Outdoor glass

We’d like to show you one particular fused glass art piece we created for an existing client down in Kent. We had already created a plaque for this client previously but they approached us to make another for their garden sauna. The inspiration for the piece was a trip to Finland and so the outdoor glass art depicts Finland’s indigenous trees set against a beautiful white winter snow scene. We can practically feel the softness of the snow by just looking at the piece!

If you’re looking for a piece of outdoor glass art for yourself then why not get in touch with us? Whether you’re after a warm, sunny piece of fused glass art to brighten up your garden, or a more British, natural representation of a landscape, we can create a completely bespoke piece for you. Get started on your outdoor glass art piece today!