We hear the question time and time again: what happens if I don’t like anything on the website? Well, it’s simple, you give us your ideas and we’ll create some fused glass art that isn’t on the website!

There’s plenty of classic designs on our portfolio, and those of you familiar with our work might recognise some enduring customer favourites such as the Dalaman or Tree of Life styles. Look closely though, and you’ll see that no two pieces are ever the same. Every single one is created by hand and made to order, meaning that they’re each personalised and customised according to different customers’ wishes, and none of them have ever been created before.

The wall panel pictured above at the top of the blog is a fantastic example of a completely original work by our creative mastermind, our expert glass artist Lisa Villarospo. The design depicts an abstract arrangement of fish in the sea, and you should be able to see their eyes looking back. It’s part of what we like to call the Artist’s Choice series of pieces, and we can guarantee that there’s no glass art out there quite like it, as Lisa created it completely from scratch.

This beautiful fused glass art is a glass splashback. It is the header image for our blog comparing fused glass to coloured splashbacks.

This stunningly bespoke glass splashback on the left was actually created from a customer’s drawing, finding a place in a home in Harmston, Lincolnshire. It combines the creativity of a unique concept with the beauty of fused glass art, and it’s absolutely original. We think its the perfect example of a strong idea that nobody else can say they have in their homes, which is definitely what fused glass is all about.


Or have a look at this panel on the right which actually took inspiration from a piece of pottery that the customer owned. In this case we added a bit of signature House of Ugly Fish magic to the design and translated it to fused glass art to make a totally original splashback that we’re confident is truly one-of-a-kind!

There’s no need to worry if you can’t find anything on the website that you think would truly fit your home, just bring us your very best ideas and we’ll create some bespoke fused glass art for you that will match any space you have in mind. Your imagination really is the only real limit when you commission a custom piece of artwork from The House of Ugly Fish. You can find our contact details right here on our website, so don’t be shy. Getting in touch really is as simple as picking up the phone or dropping us an email!