These two pieces of fused glass wall art can be found in a customer’s house in Bearsden, Glasgow. As you can see pictured above, the pieces look right at home! One is more wildly geometric and features a range of interesting colours, and the other makes full use of our popular Dalaman designs in a burning orange hue. Both are incredibly vibrant, dressing up the white walls with the unique, one of a kind flair found only with fused glass art, but they have their own character and could easily stand alone. Which is your favourite?

If you’re feeling inspired by either, then why not come and let us know all about your ideas for the perfect piece of fused glass art? After all, in the end, it’s all up to you! While two pieces of fused glass art will always be able to complement each other and create a beautiful look, there’s no reason that you can’t absolutely stun your guests with just a single, central feature.

The bespoke nature of our fused glass art ensures that you’ll always be able to get something that looks exactly like you imagined, and you’ll have as much say in the creative process as you’d like. Send us sketches and colour samples from your home, or take a completely different approach and let us design something that we know will be absolutely perfect for any room!

Whether you’re looking to order a pair of fused glass art panels, a central kitchen splashback or even something more suited to be an accessory, there’s really no end to the fantastic products on offer here at The House of Ugly Fish. You can get in contact by dropping us an email or simply picking up the phone, so make sure you don’t wait to do exactly that. Your perfect piece (or pieces!) of glass are just waiting to be brought to life!