Hello once again from the team here at The House of Ugly Fish! We’re making a lot of beautiful kitchen glass splashbacks this month, and we’ve got quite a few of them to show off. Fortunately, they’re all tremendously fetching pieces that we’re very proud of, so we think that you’ll love them too. For today’s blog, we’ve got a pair of glass splashbacks that found a home in Purley, Surrey.

As pictured above and further below, the kitchen received two matching panels to complement and enhance the décor with the unique touch of fused glass art. The main feature is the panel you can see sitting over the hob, while a second matching piece sits behind the sink sporting a slightly different but extremely complementary design.

A close up of the central feature and all of its details. The two pieces make for a perfect match!

Although there’s some minor differences between the two, the designs of both splashbacks were created based on another piece that the customer had seen in our portfolio. The original piece was far darker, however, and featured a much less colourful palette overall. Because of the different colours and shades at work, it wouldn’t necessarily have made the best fit, despite the geometric elements of the design looking pretty spot on.

Fortunately, every piece of fused glass art we create can be made as bespoke as the customer would like, so making changes and personalising the glass was no tall order. To make the glass look just right for the kitchen, the grey shades in the piece were lightened and varied, and a vibrant mango orange was introduced to the piece in various forms. Lisa added both metallic silver and gold, but made sure to stay true to the original with a design of subtle complexities. No one element overpowers the others, and it all works together to make a stunning centrepiece.

The second piece featured a matching variation on the same idea, and the end result is a kitchen that makes your jaw drop. Both pieces have plenty to notice if you just look a little closer, and they really help to tie the whole room together with a strong theme. As always, if you’re looking to achieve the effect in your own home, we’d be more than happy to help!

When it comes to the creation of stunning kitchen glass splashbacks, fused glass art wall panels for the home and more, we here at The House of Ugly Fish are market leaders that you can absolutely trust to provide nothing but the very best quality products. Make sure you don’t hesitate to find our full contact details right here on our website. All it takes is a phone call or an email to get started on the road to your very own gorgeously bespoke fused glass art.