This bespoke fused glass art, consisting of a bespoke home splashback and a matching bowl, was recently delivered to a home in Warsash, Hampshire. Our blog is the perfect place to show off brand new projects and pieces that we’ve completed, so of course, we’re itching to share a few words about this one. It even has a bit of a story!

We’ll start with the design. The colours of the splashback were picked out specifically to match the unique colour of the AGA range cooker. It’s a stunningly soft cornflower blue, which allowed us to explore a wide palette of cool blues. The scene in the background of the glass is a country landscape rather than a seascape, as we have created recently in other pieces.

Tree of Life designs are always full of details, and this particular example is bursting with them. The most interesting part of the design is definitely the six butterflies you can see at various points throughout the bespoke home splashback. Each butterfly represents one of the customers’ six grandchildren, and the customers themselves are actually hidden away in the design as well. The idea is that they would always be there to be discovered by future generations, and we love how it turned out!

As pictured here on the left, a matching fused glass bowl was created alongside the central splashback and also found a place in the kitchen. Using many of the same shades as the main feature, this accessory bowl both complements and enhances the theme in the kitchen. The keen eyed among you may spot six flowers sprouting across the piece, following on from the six butterflies on the splashback. The meaning here is much the same, with each flower representing one of six grandchildren.

You never know, the next piece that rolls out of our kiln may very well be destined for a place in your very own home. Whether you’re looking for one of our bespoke home splashbacks to go in the kitchen, something grand for the wall or maybe even just an accessory to complete the decoration of a room, The House of Ugly Fish is the place to go for personalised fused glass art that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can!