Many customers have felt the anxiety of making a large purchase. “It’s a lot of money we’re spending” some might say. In these times it is good to know that the company you are purchasing from is reliable and professional. Here at the House of Ugly Fish, our portfolio is extensive and wide-ranging, with a list of celebrities, businesses and those simply looking for good art pieces all included within the count. As a business, we hold ourselves directly responsible for all our past clients and their purchases, and as every glass piece is a child leaving our doors, we like to ensure they are going to homes that are glad with their art. We’re glad to say that we have built up a large list of past clients that love the art we provide for them.

With the world of glassmaking constantly growing, we have placed ourselves at the forefront of the industry, and as a well-established business with our attendance in regular exhibitions such as Grand Designs, and as a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, our brand name has been likened to a synonym for fused glass art and glass splashbacks. Our extensive range of glass art designs are all produced by our artist, Lisa Villarospo, but she has often spoke about the beauty of bespoke art. Many have a design in mind that they cannot get out of there head. Traditional art companies and manufacturers effectively cut the customer out of the equation when selling products.

Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we do the exact opposite. We believe that should you want something specific, you should have the ability to have it created. Bespoke art is a beauty, and it becomes even more beautiful when the creator is pleased with their piece. Our fused glass art has been shipped all over the world, and we’re proud to say that our work has touched many corners of the world, not just in houses and businesses, but in the hearts of our clients. If you’re considering purchasing a glass splash back, we’d be glad to provide information. Contact us on our site or call us.