Fused Glass Art Penguins 2
Penguins, lined up together on a beach, make for a great piece of fused glass art!

We absolutely adore penguins here at The House of Ugly Fish, and we don’t think that’s a big secret! That’s why we absolutely jumped at the opportunity to stop by Edinburgh Zoo when we were delivering fused glass art in Scotland, as the zoo is very well known for its penguin exhibit among many others. There’s even a webcam link to view it online!

You can see a couple photos we snapped of the penguins here in this blog, but we’ve also captured them in glass on more than one occasion. The fused glass art you see pictured on the left is actually a very popular design inspired by our love of penguins, and it’s found its way into many houses through the years. It shows penguins gathered upon a shore, which makes for a great splashback. The adorable birds all seem to gather together around the sink or cooking area when put in place, and the horizon definitely draws all the right kinds of attention.

Penguin Fused Glass Art 3
Flightless and keen on spending most of their time underwater, penguins certainly aren’t your average bird!

Blue features heavily in this piece, needless to say, lining the top of the panel where the sea can be seen. When it was first commissioned, the customer chose it because they wanted something that would stand out with real character and a handmade aesthetic. It went on to become a real winner, and the design was also commissioned as a wall panel on another occasion. No matter where it hangs, however, this piece always livens up a room and brings a unique style that you wouldn’t be able to get with any other kind of decoration. That’s yet another win for fused glass art, if you ask us!

Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact either by phone or email as soon as you can. All it takes is for you to let us know what your ideal piece of fused glass art looks like, and hopefully we’ll be creating it for you before you know it. It might even be a version of our tried and tested penguin design!