This particular splashback was created for a customer of ours in Ross-on-Wye. As you may be able to tell from the image above, the customer was looking for something that would really add a splash of colour to the kitchen, but they weren’t keen on the look of traditional coloured glass splashbacks. The wave design was the perfect way to guarantee a centrepiece that would never age, and a kitchen that would always make a lasting impression on both friends and family.

A second piece was created to match, though this one depicts delicate bluebells on a soft background. Both pieces in the kitchen feature blue and white hues to complement the gorgeous décor and tasteful styling of the room, and together they match up to create a prominent theme. You notice the effect as soon as you walk in!

Aesthetics aren’t the only plus behind this fused glass art however! Our work is always very resistant to heat when you prop it up on an upstand, meaning that the colours of the glass never fade and the design remains pristine for years and years. It’s easy to clean, too, requiring no more than a simple wipe to keep the glass sparkling. The same convenience can be expected from any glass piece we create, so make sure you don’t hesitate to get in contact if you like the sound of that!

If you’ve been looking for a gorgeous alternative to coloured glass splashbacks without sacrificing any practicalities, make sure you don’t hesitate to have a look at what The House of Ugly Fish has to offer. Browse through our extensive body of work via our portfolio, and you’ll find that there’s something for everyone. You can find all of our details right here on our website, so just drop us an email or pick up the phone to call. We’ll always be happy to hear from you, and we’ll answer any questions or queries you may have.