This vividly coloured piece was sold as part of our last big sale, and it wasn’t long before it found a home. It’s one of our fused glass panels for the wall of course, created in a classic layered Dalaman style. Horizontal pieces run from left to right, with a variety of colours, shades and weights. In the middle, a central spine that sports a design of its own stands out as a highlight.

We absolutely love the space in which it ended up, as pictured above. The unique golden decor of the kitchen and the primary color used in the glass make for a perfect match, wouldn’t you agree? It definitely seems like they were meant for each other, and the end result does a great job of showing off how fused glass art can complement a space like nothing else.

Although this particular piece wasn’t created to match the kitchen it ended up in, all of the fused glass panels we create can be made fully bespoke and completely customised in line with your own ideas. There’s no reason why we couldn’t make something brand new just for you, but you can always feel free to grab something on sale when you can – after all, just look how good this combination turned out to be!

If you’d love to brighten up your home with one of our fused glass panels, like the one in this blog, why not stop by our sale section next time we have a big event on? Or, if you’d like something created completely from scratch, based on your own kitchen and perfectly personalised to the space you have in mind, we here at The House of Ugly Fish can do that for you as well. Your imagination is the limit, so pick up the phone or drop us an email soon!