Created for a client in West Hanningfield, Essex, this gorgeous fused glass installation is made up of a gorgeous central splashback and a subtle, but incredibly impactful complementary panel sat across from it. They work perfectly together to create a strong theme in the kitchen that you just can’t miss, and demonstrate why bespoke fused glass art always shines when used to unify the look of any room within the home.

Fused Glass Art Complementary Coloured Splashbacks
When you view the two pieces together, the effect should be immediately obvious!

The central splashback is definitely a treat for the eyes, and you’d have a hard time ignoring it from the moment you walk into the kitchen. The design itself makes full use of the space allocated to the splashback, with leaf shaped pieces exploding outwards in a vivid burst of colour. Shades and hues of all kinds are utilised here to their full effect, building on a base of subtle yellow and green in order to perfectly match the kitchen.

The piece that sits across from it is a much simpler design, but no less beautiful because of that. Two smaller flowers sit across from each other in the corners of the glass, nestled against a background just like the splashback it’s paired with. Of course, as you may be able to tell, the kitchen was already lovely before we added to it, but we think that these two panels really take it to that next level. Why not come and achieve the same effect in your own home?


Here at The House of Ugly Fish, creating stunningly bespoke fused glass art is what we do best. Whether you want a splashback, wall panel, decorative bowl or even a set of drinks coasters, we’re the number one choice for anyone that won’t settle for less than the ideal decoration. If you’re looking to have something in your home that’s just as impactful and exciting as this piece, make sure you don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as you can! You can also drop us an email or get in touch via our contact form if you prefer. We look forward to hearing from you!