You wouldn’t automatically think it, but one of the biggest perks of our jobs here at The House of Ugly Fish is the magnificent array of places we get to visit. Glass splashbacks and fused glass art don’t necessarily bring travel to mind, after all, but we’re constantly off visiting different locations up and down the country. Where we’ve just come back from may just have made it onto our top ten places ever – it certainly made Trip Advisor’s list of Top 10 breath-taking towns in Europe you’ve probably never heard of!

glass splashbacksPolperro in Cornwall looks like it’s been made straight from a painting. It’s an incredibly beautiful Conservation Village with narrow, winding streets and white cottages perched on steep slopes overlooking a tiny harbour. There’s so much to take in and do; it’s like a little hidden treasure! Polperro has such a rich history too and it was actually infamous in the 18th and 19th Centuries due to the amount of smuggling that took place around the port.

The Polperro Heritage Museum gives you so much information on its colourful past and the village still is a working fishing port that has been uninterrupted since the 13th Century! It’s so picturesque it would make the perfect landscape for some fused glass art or glass splashbacks.

glass splashbacks There are so many shops, restaurants, pubs and stunning sights to see down there and there’s even the possibility of seeing basking sharks and dolphins. We had quite the encounter whilst we were down there; an encounter of the hairy kind….

It’s the Hairy Bikers! We bumped into them down there whilst they were filming and they kindly posed for a picture – such gentlemen!

If any of you are looking for a short UK break then we’d definitely recommend Cornwall; they have such short winters and the climate in Polperro is usually mild all-year-round, so you can fully enjoy the scenic surroundings. It might even give you inspiration for some fused glass art or glass splashbacks of your own, in which case the friendly team here at The House of Ugly Fish would be more than happy to oblige!