We here at The House of Ugly Fish are certainly experts when it comes to making handmade kitchen splashbacks for the home, helping to bring life into any space. If you think that the area behind your kitchen cooker looks a bit bare, or there’s a spot on the back wall that’s missing a certain something, there’s a good chance that a fused glass kitchen splashback could be just the thing you need. We’ll outline some of the benefits for you!

Bespoke Kitchen Splashbacks

Perhaps the most important fact about our fused glass art is that no two of our pieces are ever the same. Because of a thoroughly bespoke and highly personalised service, every customer of ours is able to customise their design and specify what they’d like their glass to look like. From dimensions and measurements all the way to the colours and elements of the design, we’re all about providing a piece which will make for a perfect fit. We’re even able to cut around awkward obstructions such as plug sockets, so don’t worry about those.

When you decide to get your hands on a bespoke kitchen splashback of your own, the process is much the same! You need only pick out the perfect colours, although you’re free to be as specific as you like, and we’ll adjust every aspect of the glass to fit. Something truly special happens when your own ideas mix with the unique quirks of fused glass, such as the bubbles that form when the glass panels come together, or the subtle textures that are created as part of the fusing process. The end result is a piece that no-one else but you can say they have in their home.

We’re even able to create pieces which evoke images just like a painting, thanks to the talents of our in-house glass artist Lisa. Fused glass art might utilise powder in place of paint, but you’d be surprised at how well we’re able to recreate photographs, paintings, landscapes and more. Take a look through our portfolio, and you’ll see just how varied our work can be. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to get your own piece soon!

Whether you’ve been in the market for a while or you’re a newcomer looking to fill that space behind your cooker, The House of Ugly Fish is the number one place to be. We’re the leading name when it comes to the creation of handmade kitchen splashbacks of all shapes and sizes, bringing a uniquely artistic flair to homes all across the UK. There’s something for everyone here with us, so make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone and give us a call!