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This rather fetching kitchen can be found in Dunscroft, Doncaster, where we recently delivered some fused glass art. The splashback behind the cooker is what grabs your eye first when you enter, featuring a stunning wave design built on a silvery white background of subtle texture and soft gradients. Textured dark grey shades, along with bold black and white accents, make this a real treat for the eyes.

If you look closely, you should be able to see the matching panel that sits across from the cooker. We love the way that the light shines down onto this complementary piece, which was made to match its counterpart perfectly, and we think it’s the perfect example of how our bespoke glass can be sized and cut perfectly to fit even the most awkward space. In this case, the glass had to be cut at an angle and a hole for the socket was made. The end result speaks for itself!