This striking partition piece was commissioned for St. Cuthbert’s Business and Enterprise College in Rochdale. Each panel was made 220 cm x 71 cm and then laminated to meet building regulations. The coloured glass separates the main reception from the main corridor. There are many different features to the image, but the most notable of them all are the symbols that represent faith. The light peeking through the clouds is a well known feature of most Catholic symbolism, and as many know it is the Hand of God. The symbol of the Holy Trinity is also present on the piece as well as the symbol of St. Cuthbert’s. You may also see a white Dove!


The piece itself was done in a Naïve art style and suggests that the children have created the work. With vibrant colours keeping the whole piece bright and cheerful, we’re sure that those attending St. Cuthbert’s will love it. Lisa was naturally delighted to do the piece as she realised she could draw on her own Catholic background to find inspiration for the piece. She said “I would love for my old art teacher back at my school to see it. As a child I would have never imagined that my work would be seen by many others in another Catholic school.”