This beautiful fused glass art found a home in East Grinstead, Essex, and it was a real treat to bring to life. When we saw it put in place, it was a hugely rewarding sight.

The central feature of all the glass put into this kitchen is the splashback, of course, which is a prime example of our classic Wave design. A wide range of bright hues come together to create the piece you can see picture above, with cool blues and greens, neutral yellow shades and warm bursts of red and orange. Look closely, however, and see if you can spot the two other glass pieces present in this kitchen.

 As well as the central splashback, the room also features matching glass windowsills. The design on each of those is just like that of the main feature, which really helps to tie everything together and create an unmistakable theme. You can really see how light is cast around the kitchen when you stand in the middle of the room, and the fused glass art is never out of sight.