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This triptych design is laid out at the back of the kitchen like three windows, staring out into the fields at the sun. Designed for a client in rural France, the pieces feature brown fields and a clear sky. The client wanted something that would be unique, and these panels certainly are! They give the kitchen a modern feel and are beautiful in their own right. Together with the kitchen, they are amazing.

Customer Comments:

“The panels look truly magnificent! We had French friends for dinner last night. They walked into the kitchen and the shock on their faces was a sight to see along with the cry of “wow!” They took photographs on their mobile phones and immediately sent the pictures to other people. Messages to them later were requests from four couples who wished to see the artwork in person. One couple are due to arrive mid-day today!

Thank you once again for the fabulous piece of artwork, it is just as I imagined it to be, but I had not the skills to make it happen.
Have a happy and successful New Year, Phil”