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Scotland is well known for having many beautiful sights and a peaceful countryside. Many of those from across the UK visit Scotland to find peace and quiet and Aberfeldy is no exception. In the heart of Perth and Kinross, many people have made the town their home, including the famous author J.K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. It wouldn’t be hard to walk from the client’s house and find something worth taking a picture of. The client’s bespoke kitchen splashback is in a black Dalaman design with reds, yellow and purple contrasting colours. This combination allows the glass art itself to stand out against the rest of the room, becoming central to the design of the kitchen. A matching black fused glass upstand has been fitted between the window sill and sink, so the glass art continues up and around one of the cupboard units. The surrounds have accents of the main design to tie them all together. This is one of our favourite designs for glass art in Scotland.


Customer comments:


“Dear Paul and Lisa

Thank you for the beautiful glassworks you designed and made for our new kitchen. Without doubt this lovely artwork is the centrepiece and talking point for everyone visiting. We are delighted to own yet another unique and stunning design and look forward to adding further to our collection.

Best wishes,

Tracie & Andy”