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This bespoke splashback in Manchester was designed with rainfall in the garden in mind. The decor has a touch of New England about it, so the client wanted to go with a blue, olive green and cream theme. This is a gentle design evoking April showers and we imagine having the glass art in the kitchen brings freshness to the general atmosphere of the house.

It’s a lovely contrast to see, the stainless steel Falcon range cooker and the bright coloured glass art adorning the wall above it. The look was finished with a complimentary fused glass upstand in an accented colour taken from the splashback. The matching back lit glass art panel on the adjoining wall is semi transparent. It is set into a purpose-made recess and is back lit using day light LED lighting. When it is not lit during the day, it looks similar to the splashback. They are perfect partners. We hope to fit more bespoke art in Manchester in the future.

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