This beautiful fused glass splashback recently found a home in Congleton, Cheshire. The customer had first spotted a similar piece in our showroom and in the available stock section of our website, and they came to love the design. Lisa soon set about creating a piece just like it, only this one would have the correct measurements for the customer’s home and would prove to be a perfect fit.

The design is definitely a very natural one, depicting a gorgeous and verdant meadow that looks every bit as beautiful as the Cheshire countryside that surrounds the home itself. Lush greens bring long blades of grass to life, alongside the stalks of flowers that rise and bloom to give colour to the image. There are many other details to be found in the piece, ranging from subtle details and textures all the way to little bits of hidden life in the grass. All of this sits underneath a gorgeously bright blue sky reminiscent of the British summer.