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We always love passing through Norwich, especially when we’re there to fit a piece of glass art. Of course, we’ve fit a lot of glass art in Norwich, but this piece in particular features an amazing example of a tree of life design, which is popular with those that are family orientated, or for those that are close to their companions. Naturally, this tree of life includes the family dog too!

Taking full advantage of our coloured glass splashbacks is easy for those who have something in mind. In this tree of life, the client wanted many different depictions of her family to be included in the final piece. The result is a glass art full of personal memories. The bee in the art represents the client and her busy nature, looking after her family. On the tree there is a climbing rose that symbolises her husband, and his affinity for the flower. Sat by the tree are two rabbits and the family dog, Jazz. The two rabbits are her daughter and her son-in-law.

There is definitely a connection between the tree of life and something of a family tree for her, as Debbie said! Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this particular piece of bespoke art is the pink dove, which represents her lost son. He loved pink, so she wanted the dove to be done in that particular colour.

Customer comments:


Wow, I am so pleased with the tree of life – it is beautiful. I was a bit forward and gave Paul a hug to pass on to you.

It’s just perfect for a real ‘family tree’ for us. Thanks again!

When I find another space I’ll come back for another work of art.

Very Best Wishes