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This incredible fused glass splashback is all settled into its new home in Sheffield. The design is a very monochromatic take on our classic Dalaman, which was the perfect style to complement the modern décor of this kitchen. It mirrors the clean lines that can be found throughout the room, with wide bars reaching upwards in the centre of the glass and framing the height of the space in which it sits.

Two matching panels can be found on either side of the splashback, coming together with the main piece to create a beautiful installation. Even the side panels have a lot of details despite being relatively simpler than their parent piece. Lean close to the glass and you’ll be able to see hundreds of bubbles, a huge variety of different shades and textures, and even smaller matching designs on the end of each piece.

Everything about the glass in this kitchen works to tie the room together, creating a bold and unmistakable theme that’s a pleasure to look at. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and this one is definitely alive and well.