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This exciting glass was created for a client of ours in Spey Bay, Scotland! As you can see, it’s not just a design built around one panel. The glass wraps around the whole kitchen, providing an injection of colour and bringing the decor to life like nothing else. The wave design utilises a full range of blues as deep as the sea, softly mixing and flowing from panel to panel like an ocean current. A wall panel completes the flow, where the art truly comes to life. Crashing waves make for a very exciting design, where even more colours can be found. Lights from above ensure that these panels come to life and glow no matter what the time of day.

We’re very happy with how everything turned out. The fused glass art really creates a strong theme in the room, standing out against the clean lines of the kitchen’s modern décor. It shows just how many panels of glass can come together to create a bespoke installation perfect for your home.