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This particular piece of bespoke fused glass art is located in a West Yorkshire home, and featured in the program Happy Valley in the home of the accountant, Kevin Weatherill. The glass art could be seen throughout the show and the design is personal to the client that commissioned this piece. The whole piece was composed of three matching panels that all feature sculptured wave designs. These three panels were arranged in a triptych comprising of three 140 cm x 40 cm waves that catch the eye in the way they rise away from the wall like crashing waves, the golden hues like the sun catching the water. Our coloured glass splashbacks are ideal for capturing these ideas, and with the natural sunlight from outside lighting up the piece, it completed the room beautifully. The design panel incorporated the hues of the wallpaper along with an aquatic theme with teal, blue and yellow highlights. The client wanted something that would tie the room together and with this piece of glass art they certainly did. We will certainly be watching Happy Valley here at the House of Ugly Fish, if not only to see other beautiful landscapes and to catch the dark storyline! Maybe there will be some other pieces of glass art in Yorkshire?

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