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Vibrant, teeming with life and one-hundred percent original, this piece of gorgeous bespoke fused glass art is a wall panel like no other from a house in Washington, Tyne and Wear. From the very beginning, this piece was destined to be a tall and thin panel, which meant that any style applied to the glass would have to consider the vertical dimensions in order to make a well-balanced design.

The customers wanted to have a wisteria tree as a stylistically abstract element in the background. That formed the basis for a lot of colours in the piece, with a wide range of greens, blues, purples and more. They also knew that they wanted to inject as much life as possible into the design. If you look closely, you should be able to spot two birds perched among the flowers – specifically, a blue tit and a nuthatch bearing an orange breast. Down below at the bottom of the piece, wildflowers sprout upwards to add a little orange to the colour palette.

There are also four different butterflies scattered throughout, each with its own unique design. Can you spot them all?