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The customers behind this particularly spectacular piece of bespoke fused glass art were looking to put a feature piece at the end of a long hallway in their home, feeling that the space was perfect for something eye-catching that nobody else would have in their homes. The design is as you see pictured above, and it’s a scene you might recognise. It’s a colourful depiction of a York street scene of course, showing the iconic York Minster cathedral filling the sky. The brief was that the piece would be front lit, but the customers decided that backlighting the piece would also make for a fantastic sight.

If you can’t tell from the images, it’s a huge panel measuring a whopping two metres in height and a whole metre in width. It was additionally laminated for safety reasons, which means that the panel was thicker and stronger than our regular glass art pieces. It weighed quite a bit in the end, and took four people to lift into place, but it was definitely worth it – as we’re sure you agree.