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This beautiful bespoke glass splashback found a home in Corwen, Denbighshire, and it’s a piece that’s every bit as scenic as its new home. The background is a gorgeous gradient that softly fades from green grass to blue sky, and the tree itself allows that effect to shine through. Instead of a solid colour, the trunk is created from stylish lines that paint a vivid picture while ensuring you don’t miss out on any subtleties. As ever, the leaves on the tree feature an exciting palette of complementary hues to make the glass truly burst with colour.

Don’t miss the details, as that’s where the real life in a Tree of Life can be found! You should be able to spot a peacock nestled in among the leaves, with its long tail feathers hung low. Up high, colourful butterflies take flight and dance on the breeze while a familiar pet inspects a nearby bee.