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This kitchen in Purley, Surrey received two glass splashbacks in total. The main feature is the panel sitting over the hob, while a complementary piece sits behind the sink. The designs of the matching pieces were both based on another piece that the customer had seen in our portfolio, but it was one that featured much darker shades and a far less colourful palette overall.

Since the customer wanted the pieces to match her kitchen, she made use of our fully bespoke process to request a few changes and make the glass look just right. The grey shades were kept light with a lot of variation in the texture, with a whole scattering of complementary mango orange colours and both metallic silver and gold, but the overall mood of the two pieces were kept very subtle. We love how the splashbacks bring all the colours of the kitchen together with a design of subtle complexities, ensuring that there’s a lot to see if you just look a little closer.