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This fused glass splashback from Edenbridge, Kent is a Tree of Life with a twist – there’s more than one! The customers behind the piece wanted Lisa to do a very unique take on the classic design by incorporating the view that they could see out onto their garden. That view comprised three very old trees of considerable size; the middle of the trio was an ash tree, and the ones on either side were grand oaks. The trees meant a lot to the couple, so it was important that they could find a way into the glass in an artistic and stylised way.

Finishing off the design, flowers and blades of grass run across the bottom of the piece to add an extra bit of life. The colour palette of the glass is a perfect match for the warm tones of the countertop and upstand, where the cooker and hob sit. As a result, it both complements the décor and stands out as a decoration in its own right.