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This bespoke splashback from Ewell, Surrey, definitely makes a big splash in the kitchen. The idea behind the design is the customer’s own, and Lisa worked closely with them in order to get the outcome that they were looking for. After going through a few concepts and revisions, we ended up with the stunning final result you can see pictured above.

The idea was to create a piece that would look like a splash of water, within which there would be a huge variety of different colours tying in with the rest of the kitchen and complementing different aspects of the décor. Greens, blues, coppers, amber colours and more, alongside a huge amount of texture, all come together to make for a jaw dropping piece of glass.

There’s plenty of subtle details to be found if you lean into the glass and look closely, as the different layers of glass work together to produce a huge variety of effects. It’s a true artisan piece!