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The client that ordered these upstands and splashback is from Bunessan, on the Isle of Mull. If you’ve never heard about it, we’re honestly not surprised! Pure and untouched by the big city, Bunessan is a small village and has remained so since its foundation. With a population of only 300, it took us a long treck to deliver the glass and to fit it! If there’s one place where you could be a hermit, it’s the sleepy but beautiful land around Bunessan. Though, to get there you’d need to take the ferry from Oban! Not only did the client want upstands, but the main piece featured a nautical waves design with a mixture of sea like colours. Blues and dark greens lend themselves to this piece and create a great feel. Lining the kitchen top, they almost look as if they’ve been there since the start!