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There’s a truly impressive amount of fused glass art on show here in this Congleton property, home to one of our private collectors. The customer in question had already purchased three panels from us to go in the bedroom before they decided to get their hands on not one but four brand new additions!

The first of the brand new additions is a gorgeous Tree of Life with spiralling line work. Leaves of all shapes and sizes sprout forth where each twisting branch comes to an end, utilising a wide palette of green, blue, orange and more. Long blades of grass and flowers adorn the bottom of the glass, created in both blue and green, while two butterflies flutter about in each corner of the piece. A handful of metallic silver accents complete the effect.

The second is a beautiful mirror framed in fused glass. A distinctive piece with colourful flake like accents, it brightens up the space given to it and complements the flowers set nearby.

Last but definitely not least is a very lively panel with a whole host of colourful fish swimming about on clear glass. There’s all sorts of unusual creatures to be found on this piece, and it makes for a very fun and quirky addition to the home. The transparent effect looks great against the neutral white of the wall!

They also swapped out a penguin panel for a new fish one, moving it to go along with the theme of the room. The old panel found a home near the new mirror!