We recently enjoyed watching Sky Arts’ Portrait Artist of the Year, a fantastic program which recently finished showing. For those reading who might not have heard of it, it’s a a television competition that every year aims to find the most talented artist, and this year the style was portraits. The competition has now indeed ended and a worthy winner was chosen, but we still feel very inspired having watched it from start to finish. It reminded us of our resident artist Lisa, who is definitely no stranger to a portrait or two. We can only imagine she was watching closely and painting along, eager to join in the fun and soak up great ideas to use in fused glass art, especially as how traditional art techniques can translate incredibly well to a glass canvas.

You’ll find hallmarks of Lisa’s extensive background in traditional art all throughout our portfolio and in any new pieces we create, so make sure you don’t hesitate to take a look around our website if you like what you see. For example, take a look at most of our Tree of Life designs and you’re likely to spot a handful of gorgeous, hand-painted details included as part of the design. You may even see a couple of family pets hanging out by the base of the tree, lovingly and carefully depicted in the medium of fused glass art.

Not only do we have a tremendous gallery of pieces that we’ve created in the past, but a whole section dedicated to available stock that can be found right here in our showroom.

If you’d like to come on down and see the glass in person, just pick up the phone and let us know all about it. Otherwise, our website is constantly being updated with brand new fused glass art pieces as they roll out of our kiln and find homes across the country. You can always find some cracking examples of what we’re capable of, or some great ideas to serve as the perfect starting point for your very own inspired design. Hopefully, we’ll be making something for you very soon!