Here’s another bespoke fused glass art feature for you, this time looking a little bit deeper into our portfolio! This particular panel was created in a flat wave design, with grey and purple tones creating a strong base for the piece. Accents of white complete the look, and really help to match the rest of the room in style.

It should be immediately obvious how well the panel blends in with the décor and complements the overall style of the space. This is because the clients were very specific with the kind of colour that they wanted, and gave us a lot of great references to go off of. The result, as you can see,  is something that’s pretty amazing. We’re personally extremely happy with how great the room looks to this day, especially with the blinds perfectly matching the flowers and the fused glass panel bringing it all together.

Bespoke fused glass art is perfectly suited to making a bold statement and catching the eye of anyone who enters your home, but it’s just as well suited to subtlety. You could just as easily go for a wildly colourful piece as you could a piece that features muted colours or one which blends right in to existing décor choices. Because all of the fused glass art we create can be completely bespoke, it’s entirely up to you as to what your piece looks like in the end. Why not send us some ideas?

Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact with The House of Ugly Fish! We’ve been in the business of creating gorgeous bespoke fused glass art for a long time now, and we’re not planning on stopping any time soon. More and more customers and clients come to us for beautiful art every month, so it’s important to register your interest as soon as you know what kind of piece you’re looking to get your hands on. Hopefully, we’ll hear from you in no time at all!