These fused glass accessories were recently created and delivered to a home in Douglas, on the Isle of Man. There are two bowls in total, each with a distinct design that complements the other well. The customer sent in colour samples for Lisa to work from, giving her a great idea of what the specific tone of the room looked like and how best to match it. The individual designs of the bowls are completely original works.

The circular bowl is based on a fabric sample that was botanical in design. Lisa took numerous elements of the design, as well as the general colour palette, and brought it all together with a new design that tied in with the pattern on the fabric.

The square bowl was the second of the pair to be created. It was based on a wallpaper sample, which was an ultra modern, heavily embossed stripe pattern in navy. Again, Lisa called on the sample and mixed in many of the colours that had gone into the first bowl to make sure they’d match.

The two bowls now sit proudly on display, nestled within a custom built-in unit. We really love how the glass sits in well lit partitions that give each bowl pride of place, and the customer was also very happy with the original works of fused glass art that she received.

If you’re interested in having the perfect bespoke fused glass accessories created, why not let this blog inspire you to opt in for a decorative bowl or two? The House of Ugly Fish specialises in the creation of absolutely stunning fused glass art, with everything from grand wall panels and kitchen splashbacks all the way to smaller decorative accessories rolling out of our kiln. The same attention to detail and bespoke design goes into everything we make, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can find our full contact details here on our contact page, and it’s as simple as picking up the phone or dropping us an email.