Created for a client of ours in Eccles, this gorgeous piece of fused glass wall art was a joy to work on! We absolutely love the way it looks, so we of course selected it to become the next piece featured on our blog. The design of the piece features a simple, mainly neutral background, but the piece itself is anything but plain. Poppies line the front of the piece, standing out as the main focus of the art. Green stalks and red petals add a vibrant splash of colour that truly stands out, providing a very stylish contrast.

Although the wall was rather simple without decoration, we think that the rather bare space has been completely transformed by the addition of our fused glass art. Now, the home will forever have an incredible centrepiece to accrue all the right kinds of attention! Being centred on the wall, the piece is sure to turn heads, but that’s exactly what we want it to do. In fact, it’s what fused glass absolutely excels at doing.

If you want a unique, one of a kind decoration that you know is personalised just for you, or something that’s so stunning that guests of all kinds just have to stop and admire it, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Make sure that you don’t wait to get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish if you love the look of our fused glass wall art and more. Take a look through our extensive portfolio of work, and you’re sure to discover something that’s utterly perfect for you. When you know what you want, getting your hands on the perfect piece of glass is as simple as picking up the phone or dropping us an online enquiry via email. We’re always waiting to hear from you!