Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we’ve been creating beautiful fused glass art for a while now, utilising the very best quality materials and glass to ensure that the final product is stunning, unique and everything you’d expect it to be. We’ve recently found a brand new way to create pieces with a twist, however, and it involves making use of reclaimed glass to achieve incredible effects found nowhere else.

Fused Glass Art Reclaimed Lighting Fixture
A beautiful example of how reclaimed glass can create gorgeous art lighting fixtures.

When reclaimed glass is utilised to create fused glass art, it creates a fantastically unique raised effect that only occurs as part of the re-purposing process. This is one of our absolute favourite things to see in glass, as it exemplifies the kind of unique beauty that our fused glass art produces every single time, and no two pieces are ever quite the same because of it. Reclaimed glass is also perfect for creating a tremendous variety of pieces, especially when it comes to creating bowls and coasters that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else. Even when utilised in light fixtures, the one of a kind texture of reclaimed glass pieces allows for light diffraction and patterns that take your breath away, while practically illuminating any space in a way that no other product can.

We’re more than able to create reclaimed glass art pieces to suit whatever look you want, so make sure you don’t wait to get in touch for your very own piece or selection of pieces that won’t disappoint.

So, whether you’re interested in fused glass art making full use of reclaimed glass to bring out a truly unique touch in your chosen piece and products, or you’re looking for something else that’s just as bespoke, make sure you don’t wait to come and have a look at what we’ve got to offer. You can always get in contact either by phone or email so don’t wait to do just that!