Fused glass art isn’t just for the wall or behind a cooker or sink, no, fused glass art can come in all shapes, forms and sizes. Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we have a range of fused glass art accessories including beautiful table decorations, coasters and bowls.

Recently we created a piece for a client down in Reading. We created one of our wonderful fused glass art table decorations for them and they’ve incorporated their own artwork with the piece to create a beautiful display. Take a look at the truly unique piece below:

The client’s own artwork is stunning in itself but with the addition of our fused glass art underneath it, it takes the entire piece to a whole new level. The sailing pieces look like they are literally moving along the fused glass art water. With our input, we wanted to create a really fluid seeming piece that would encapsulate the effect of real moving water in a boat race. This is probably one of our favourite table decorations we’ve ever created!

Fused glass art is such a flexible medium to work in and it’s one of the reasons we have so much fun with our work. We can make fused glass art table decorations in all shapes and sizes; even the smallest pieces retaining their details and colours. We can create all kinds of table decorations with our fused glass art such as matching drinks coasters, bowls or even art pieces like the one above – just contact us to discuss your requirements!