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The House of Ugly Fish is gearing up for December, which means that our annual fused glass art sale will soon be on. Seeing as how we’ve recently relocated our glass art studio to the scenic shores of Anglesey, we’ve decided to call this one our relocation sale!

And with more pieces of stunning glass art for sale than ever, there’s definitely a lot to be excited about, especially with each piece offered at a fantastic discount. There’s no better way to bring the beauty of fused glass art into your home on a budget!

This is a picture of a fused glass art sale piece
This incredible triptych is up for grabs at a discount. It depicts a Welsh beach scene inspired by Anglesey, so we think it’s the perfect piece to show off for our relocation sale.

Those familiar with our work will already know, but we are a glass art studio which creates bespoke pieces on a commissioned basis. That means that although we may have classic designs and styles that often pop up on our portfolio, every single piece we create is made to order and specifically tailoured to fit each customer. No piece exists until it’s ordered!

The pieces in our sale section are an exception to this rule, however, as they’ve all been previously created. Whether they’re seconds or pieces that we’ve taken around the country with us to exhibitions, there’s no denying that they’re all beautiful fused glass art pieces that are packed to the brim with all of the things that makes a piece of glass art so wonderfully unique. Make no mistake, they’re all House of Ugly Fish originals, which guarantees that they’re hand-crafted designs brought to life by the talents of our very own Lisa Villarospo – but these will only cost you a fraction of the normal cost!

This dramatic crashing wave triptych is a standout piece of our sale, and it reminds us of the shoreline sights we see on the way to work each morning.

What more could you want? Have a look at the sale section of our website today and see what’s on offer!

Your perfect piece of fused glass art might be waiting for your right here with us, and if it is, it’s soon to find a place in our Anglesey showroom. Whether you discover something truly special in our sale section, or you spot a piece there that inspires some fantastic ideas for your very own bespoke piece created by commission, The House of Ugly Fish is ready and waiting with a stunning collection of fused glass art for sale. Make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone as soon as you can, or drop us an email online. It really is as easy as that!