This piece is a fused glass wall art panel that was created for our showroom, but we think it looks a lot better in its new home – a lovely house in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire! It found a place on the wall, of course, which you can see pictured above. We thought we’d feature it in today’s blog, as it definitely deserves to share in the spotlight, wouldn’t you agree?

The design of the panel comprises a very colourful striped style, with many layers of colours from all across the spectrum working together to make a very colourful and exciting end result. Cooler hues such as blues and greens seamlessly come together with much warmer shades of orange, red, yellow and more, making for an unlikely but very effective visual combination. If you look closely, you should be able to spot thick strips of metallic silver accents helping the glass to catch the light and truly shine.

We absolutely love the way that the end result looks, and it stands out as a centrepiece that no-one will miss when they visit. Friends, family and guests alike are sure to be stunned then they see this unmissable decoration. You could achieve the same effect in your own home, either by visiting our showroom to have a look at the pieces we have for sale, or by commissioning your very own bespoke piece of glass.

If you’re looking for the perfect fused glass wall art panel to go in your home, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’d love to create something special, unique and utterly breathtaking for your home! You can find our full contact details right here on our website, so what’s stopping you from picking up the phone or sending us an email? If you have any questions about how our work could find a place in your home there’s never been a better time to ask.