This beautiful fused glass splashback went to a loving home in Wrightington, West Lancashire. The design of the piece features a very unique styling based on a bowl that the customer had gotten from Greece.

Lisa worked using the bowl as reference, but the design would have to be scaled up and slightly altered to adapt it to the medium of fused glass art. Take a look at how it came out above, but don’t forget to zoom in – there are tons of details to be found up close. Many metallic elements from the original bowl can be found in the glass, as well as other colour features such as flecks of green and blue in places.

The bowl in question, which was beautiful in its own right!

How do you think the piece came out? Would you translate the design from something in your home onto a splashback, or would you go for something totally original? When you invest in the beauty of a bespoke fused glass art splashback from The House of Ugly Fish, you get a fully personalised product that lets you make that decision. From the colour to the style of the piece, and the measurements and dimensions, of course, we’ll be making something just for you and the space you have in mind.

As we head towards the end of September, The House of Ugly Fish is making more fused glass art than ever, and there’s a tremendous variety of glass rolling off of our kiln as well. We create a huge range of fused glass art in all shapes and sizes, from custom accessories such as coasters and bowls all the way to even bigger panels for the wall. We have an ever expanding list of customers from all across the UK, so make sure you get your name on there as soon as you can. We’d love to create something perfect for you soon.